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Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property Law

Tamaroff & Tamaroff’s Miami Intellectual Property Law Attorneys can help you identify, protect, and leverage your intellectual property and can help you avoid mistakes that could result in the loss of your intellectual property rights.
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Immigration Law

Immigration Law Attorneys

The Immigration Law Attorneys at Tamaroff & Tamaroff represent clients facing a myriad of different immigration issues. Our experienced attorneys can help you navigate the complex immigration process.
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Equine Law

Florida Equine Law Attorneys

With Equine Law Attorneys servicing Wellington, Florida, the Winter Equestrian Capital of the World, Tamaroff & Tamaroff is a leader in providing elegant solutions to South Florida’s most complex equestrian legal needs.
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Employment Law

Florida Employment Law Attorneys

The Fair Labor Standards Act requires that all employess who work over 40 hours in a given workweek get paid time and a half of their normal wage for all hours worked over 40. Our Florida Employment Law Attorneys can help you get money you are owed.
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Commercial Litigation

Florida Commercial Law Attorneys

Our Business and Commercial Law Attorneys employ a creative and results based approach to business and commercial disputes which allows us to provide small and mid sized companies with cost efficient legal advocacy.
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Miami Intellectual Property Attorney

Tamaroff & Tamaroff | Miami Attorneys

Tamaroff & Tamaroff is a full-service, Miami-based law firm that focuses its practice on appeals, business litigation, and intellectual property. The firm’s creative attorneys handle clients’ problems with the right approach and set of skills that is necessary to succeed in today’s legal arena. These attorneys combine strategic thinking, high-quality legal analysis, and a persuasive presence to successfully resolve complex legal issues. The firm’s lawyers are distinguished in their ability to communicate complex legal issues, technicalities, and jargon as understandable and compelling arguments. This allows juries, judges, and arbitrators to grasp the important issues and understand the client’s position. Our reputation as attorneys is well known. When we appear in a case, our opponents know they are facing an adversary with the skills and support to see a case through to verdict, appeal, and win. Tamaroff & Tamaroff provides individualized advocacy that is so difficult to obtain from firms that use a generic approach. At a big firm, you’re just another client number. At Tamaroff & Tamaroff, you’re our top priority. Our attorneys are more than happy to meet with you in our Miami office or consult with you over the phone – 24/7. We make sure that you always know the status of your case.
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Tamaroff & Tamaroff | Wellington Fl Equine Law Attorneys

The Law Office of Tamaroff & Tamaroff offers experienced legal representation covering several areas of equine law. Our equine law attorneys are proficient in handling complicated legal equestrian issues. With offices located in the beautiful city of Wellington Florida, also known as the epicenter of equestrian activities, we are in the heart of the South Florida equestrian community. In Wellington Florida, equine law is an important aspect to the way of life. The town of Wellington was designed to encourage equestrian lovers to reside here, made evident in the layout of the town which includes many paths and trails dedicated to horse riding. We understand the legal complexities that accompany the equestrian lifestyle. Our experienced equine attorneys handle a wide range of cases including veterinary malpractice, equestrian lawsuits, and contracts for breeding, selling and purchasing. The Wellington Fl Equine Law Attorneys of Tamaroff & Tamaroff are ready to assist you in all of your legal equestrian matters.

Client Testimonials

With many law firms to choose from, we feel we made the best choice by selecting Tamaroff & Tamaroff, P.A. to handle our business needs. Tamaroff & Tamaroff has proven very attentive to our company's difficult and emotional legal affairs. They were extremely efficient and cost-effective. We have found them to work well with other counsel to achieve the best results for us while arriving at the simplest and best solution. We feel very comfortable in recommending the firm to any business in need of first class legal capabilities. -Megan Shaeffer, CEO MEDOX Corporation
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The attorneys at Tamaroff & Tamaroff were not only professional, honorable and made a terrible experience as pleasant as it could be, they won my case. We even avoided court as they provided their counsel, presented evidence, and negotiated with a fair mediator, leaving the decision to accept or decline, up to me. They did not hype, they presented facts, options regarding what they could do, and simply did it. And affordably! Even their record-keeping and cc:ing me was impeccable. I would not hesitate to call them when life throws these unfortunate curve balls. It's good to know should that occur, Dan and David deliver. They will fight for your rights. -Shari V.
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In the fall of 2014, the U.S. President Obama broadcasted that the U.S. Immigration Services will soon begin considering requests for the biggest piece of immigration reform in recent history, Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents (DAPA). According to the President, an approved DAPA request would change lives of the millions of undocumented...

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Florida is home to more than a 500,000 horses and ponies. These horses are used by Floridians for a variety of purposes, including professional competitions. Equine champions from Wellington, Florida are recognized all over the world. While some Floridians are horse owners, many more just work with them or enjoy horseback riding. In the past...

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The minimum wage has made headlines and won’t be silencing its cause anytime soon. Regardless of what side of the fence you stand on in the great debate of minimum wage the fact remains that employers must heed to the Fair Labor Standards Act in all facets of employee compensation and expected workloads. As of...

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